David Kull

Brandon Police Chief




 On behalf of the Brandon Police Department, welcome to our web page.


I have had the pleasure of serving in the capacity of a Police Officer since joining the Sioux Falls Police Department in 1978 and then being honored with my appointment as the Brandon Police Chief in January of 2008. As the 40th anniversary of my career approaches, I can say it has and remains a pleasure to be able to serve my fellow citizens.

Ours is a department that was established in 1973 when the Brandon Township became the incorporated City of Brandon and Township Constable Welton ‘Bud’ Hance became the first Brandon Police Officer. In the time since 1973, Brandon has gone from a population of roughly 1700 residents to our current estimated population of 10,000+ in 2017. Keeping pace with that population growth, our department has increased from a single officer to our current strength of 13 sworn officers and one civilian.


The City of Brandon is truly fortunate to enjoy one of the lowest crime rates for cities of our size, not just within the State of South Dakota, but in our nation. Low crime rates are not so much a testament of good police work as they are of the quality and health of the community. Maintaining that low crime rate and the high quality of life we enjoy requires a strong effort and commitment by both those engaged in public safety as well as the citizens being served. We need to recognize that we are not immune from the same crime and public safety concerns of most any other community. By working together and acknowledging that we have a shared responsibility in the policing of our community, Brandon will continue to be a great place to work, live and raise a family.


Please, if you see something that doesn’t look right, call it in. Don’t believe that you’re bothering our officers by calling 911. You are simply helping us do our part of the job of keeping Brandon safe. And if you have any questions, concerns or simple curiosity that we can help with, give our office a call, send an email or stop in for a visit.




Thank you.


David Kull, Chief




(605) 582-6125