Brandon Code Book Contents

Title One:  Administration
Chapter 1-1: Name, Boundaries, Powers and General Provisions
Chapter 1-2: Elections
Chapter 1-3: The Mayor and City Council
Chapter 1-4: City Appointive Officials
Chapter 1-5: Duties and Compensation of Appointive Officials
Chapter 1-6: Financial Regulation
Chapter 1-7: Code of Conduct; Federal Grants
Chapter 1-8: Finance
Chapter 1-9: Records
Chapter 1-10: Section in General
Chapter 1-11: Establishing a Planning & Zoning Commission

Title Two: Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 2-1: Definitions
Chapter 2-2: General
Chapter 2-3: Licensing
Chapter 2-4: Provisions For Selling, Distributing and Consuming Alcohol

Title Three: Animals
Chapter 3-1: Definitions
Chapter 3-2: Animals
Chapter 3-3: Livestock

Title Four: Buildings and Building Codes
Chapter 4-1: Adoption of National Codes
Chapter 4-2: Reserved for Future Use
Chapter 4-3: Reserved for Future Use
Chapter 4-4: Buildings to be Moved
Chapter 4-5: Building Provisions Generally
Chapter 4-6: Assignment of Building Numbers
Chapter 4-7: Abatement of Dangerous Buildings
Title Five: Fire Prevention and Protection
Chapter 5-1: Rules and Regulations of the State Fire Marshall's Office
Chapter 5-2: Fire Protection

Title Six:  Licenses
Chapter 6-1: General Provisions with Regard to Licenses
Chapter 6-2: Contractor's License Provisions
Chapter 6-3: Peddlers and Vendors
Chapter 6-4: Landscape Irrigation Contractors
Chapter 6-5: Garbage Provisions
Chapter 6-6: Bicycles
Chapter 6-7: Ambulance Service
Chapter 6-8: Sewer Cleaning Service

Title Seven: Miscellaneous Offenses
Chapter 7-1: Fireworks
Chapter 7-2: Public Nuisances
Chapter 7-3: Specific Offenses
Chapter 7-4: Prostitution, Gambling and Indecency
Chapter 7-5: Offenses Against the Public Peace
Chapter 7-6: Minors
Chapter 7-7: Junk

Title Eight: Special Uses
Chapter 8-1: Pawnbrokers - Purpose & Definitions
Chapter 8-2: Pawnbrokers - Licenses
Chapter 8-3: Pawnbrokers - Records
Chapter 8-4: Pawnbrokers - Bookkeeping Requirements
Chapter 8-5: Pawnbrokers - General
Chapter 8-6: Adult Uses - Definitions
Chapter 8-7: Adult Uses - Regulations
Chapter 8-8: Adult Uses - Licensing
Chapter 8-9: Adult Uses - Performer Restrictions and Requirements

Title Nine: Reserved For Future Use

Title Ten:  Sidewalks, Roads, Alleys and Public Grounds
Chapter 10-1: Sidewalks and Alleys - General
Chapter 10-2: Snow Removal
Chapter 10-3: Excavations in Public Areas
Chapter 10-4: Public Grounds in General

Title Eleven: Taxation
Chapter 11-1: Municipal Sales and Service Tax
Chapter 11-2: Special Tax Classification
Chapter 11-3: County Tax Levy
Chapter 11-4: Municipal Sales and Service Tax
Chapter 11-5: Business Improvement District #1

Title Twelve: Traffic
Chapter 12-1: In General
Chapter 12-2: Enforcement and Obedience
Chapter 12-3: Procedures Upon Arrest
Chapter 12-4: Accidents
Chapter 12-5: Operation of Vehicles Generally
Chapter 12-6: Right of Way Regulations
Chapter 12-7: Traffic Control Signs, Signals and Devices
Chapter 12-8: Speed
Chapter 12-9: One Way Streets and Alleys
Chapter 12-10: Turns
Chapter 12-11: Turning and Stopping Signals
Chapter 12-12: Required Stops and Yield Intersections
Chapter 12-13: Miscellaneous Driving Rules
Chapter 12-14: Standing and Parking
Chapter 12-15: Pedestrians
Chapter 12-16: Snowmobiles
Chapter 12-17: Truck Route System
Chapter 12-18: Motorcycles and Mopeds
Chapter 12-19: Motor Vehicles
Chapter 12-20: Abandoned Vehicles
Chapter 12-21: Golf Cart Use in City Limits

Title Thirteen: Trees and Noxious Vegetation
Chapter 13-1: Municipal Tree Regulation
Chapter 13-2: Noxious Weeds
Title Fourteen: Utilities and Franchises
Chapter 14-1: Regulation of Sewer Use(refer 14-41) - Reserved
Chapter 14-2: Regulation of Water Use
Chapter 14-3: Water and Sewer Service
Chapter 14-4: Rates and Charges
Chapter 14-5: Equitable Wastewater Service Charges
Chapter 14-6: Gas Energy
Chapter 14-7: Cable Television Franchise
Chapter 14-8: Telephone Franchise
Chapter 14-9: Electricity Franchise
Chapter 14-10: Reserved for Future Use
Chapter 14-11: thru 14-40: Reserved
Chapter 14-41: Sections 1-108 Reserved
Chapter 14-41: Sections 109 thru 129.7 Regulation of Sewer Use

Title Fifteen: Brandon Zoning Regulations
Chapter 15: Index
Chapter 15-1: General Provision
Chapter 15-2: Medium Density residential District
Chapter 15-3: NRC: Natural Resource Conservation District
Chapter 15-4: R-1: Low Density Residential District
Chapter 15-5: R-2: Medium Density Residential District
Chapter 15-6: R-3: High Density Residential District
Chapter 15-7: R-4: Manufactured Housing Residential District
Chapter 15-8: CB: Central Business District
Chapter 15-9: General Business District
Chapter 15-10: Light Industrial District
Chapter 15-11: Heavy Industrial District
Chapter 15-12: PD: Planned Unit Development
Chapter 15-13: Additional Use Regulations
Chapter 15-14: Adjustments to Yard Regulations
Chapter 15-15: Non-Conforming and Non-Standard Uses
Chapter 15-16: Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 15-17: Building Permits and Fees
Chapter 15-18: Board of Adjustment
Chapter 15-19: Amendments and Change of Zone
Chapter 15-20: Conditional Use Permit
Chapter 15-21: Definitions

Title Sixteen: Subdivision Ordinance
Chapter 16-1: General Purpose
Chapter 16-2: Subdivision Plans Approval Process
Chapter 16-3: Concept Plan
Chapter 16-4: Preliminary Subdivision Plan
Chapter 16-5: Development Engineering Plans and the Plat
Chapter 16-6: Preliminary Plan Criteria
Chapter 16-7: Development Engineering Plan Criteria
Chapter 16-8: Utility and Public Space
Chapter 16-9: Grading and Drainage
Chapter 16-10: Erosion Control Plan
Chapter 16-11: Preservation of Natural Features and Amenities
Chapter 16-12: Rural Subdivisions
Chapter 16-13: Assurances for Completion of Minimum Improvements
Chapter 16-14: Certificates Required
Chapter 16-15: Construction of Improvements and Acceptance
Chapter 16-16: Definitions

Appendix A - Floodplain Regulations