Revenue for the street light fund comes from street light fee on your monthly utility bill and this revenue remains in the street light fund.  The street light revenue pays for the benefits and safety of town including crossing lights, city owned lights, Sioux Valley and Xcel Energy owned lights, stoplights, welcome signs, sirens, speed signs, Maintenace, all of the streetlights in residential areas and major roads throughout the City of Brandon and more.  


Resolution 30-23 - 2024 Rates are as follows:

User Classifications and Monthly Charge

All Single-Family Residential accounts with four units or less and Non-Residential accounts shall be charged the following rate: 

                         $6.56 per month

 All Residential accounts with more than four units shall be charged using the following formula:

                         Total number of units divided by four multiplied by $6.56 = monthly rate