Indoor water usage restriction lifted

7/11 update - Restrictions has been lifted.  You may resume normal indoor water usage.  Thank you.
6/27 Update - No change. Please continue to conserve until further notice. We will post an update when one is available.
Continue to Conserve Water!!
Our wastewater is normally shipped to Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls asked us shut down Friday due to high demands at the Sioux Falls Wasteplant. We are currently still shut down. Currently our wastewater is going into our ponds which are there for emergencies like this. It is unknown at this time when we will be able to resume pumping to SF.
Anything that goes down a drain in your house goes to our wasteplant. You can conserve water by:
-Reducing shower time
-Avoid running the dishwasher
-Wait to do laundry
-Conserve water use when possible
-Sump pumps - make sure these are directed outside into the storm drain in the street(this is allowed during summer only). These should not be going into any drain in your house as that goes into our wastewater system.
We appreciate your willingness to help during this weather event.