Press Release

City of Brandon Press Release


The City of Brandon is proud of its more than 20-year positive record with the State related to its water safety and excellence, and testing compliance.  Testing compliance includes the City’s Public Works Dept. submitting monthly water samples to the State.  For well over 20 years, the City’s operators have never missed submitting to the State the monthly sample numbers, until last month.  In February, an operator sent in 7 of 10 of the monthly required water samples to the State, inadvertently failing to send in 3 samples.  The City through this release advises the residents of the operator’s failure to send in the 3 samples.  Notwithstanding, all testing supports the safety of the City’s water.  The 7 samples were supportive.  Additionally supportive are the results from the testing done by the Public Works operators repeatedly each day confirming there has never been any water safety issue.   The staff’s oversight was not intentional and the City has taken steps so that such an issue may not again happen.  The City is proud that over these 20 plus years through January, samples each month totaling more than 2000 were all timely.  It looks forward to starting a new record, one that never ends particularly with the additional measures now in place to ensure compliance.  If you have any questions as to this matter, please contact the City at:  605-582-6515.