Sunrise Park

Sunrise Park


The land for Sunrise Park was purchased in 2010 with the playground and sidewalks added in 2011.  The shelter/restroom was constructed from winter of 2014 through the spring of 2015. 



-          Approximately .36 acres

-          1 unisex restroom

-          1 medium picnic shelter with power and lights

-          1 drinking fountain

-          1 playground area with swings and artificial turf surfacing



As our smallest neighborhood park by far, Sunrise Park doesn’t offer a lot of “running around room”.  What it does offer that no other park in town has is an artificial turf playground surface.  This turf is safer, cleaner and just looks nicer than any surface around.  The plan is to have many more playgrounds get this treatment in the future!  Come try it out for yourself!