Annual Slurry Seal Project



In 2023, the areas that will receive the slurry seal will include The Bluffs Addition, Eagle Creek Addition, Sylvan Circle Area, Sioux Heights Addition, as well as a portion of Aspen Blvd.  

Construction Cost: $290,694.89.


These areas have previously had the following work completed:

  • Curb Repairs
  • Sidewalk Repairs
  • Asphalt Patching
  • Crack Sealing 


This work is paid for out of the Street Maintenance Fund. 


Homeowners will be notified of the estimated start work date on the Slurry Seal Project. Homeowners will also be notified 24 hours in advance of the slurry seal work being completed by a door hanger placed on each home. This work is typically done in June/July but the Contactor may do the work earlier in the year. 


The streets will need to be cleaned by a street sweeper and city crews may ask that you move your sump pump line from the street during this construction as the street needs to be dry. 


All vehicles/trailers must be removed from the streets in these areas before 8:30 am during construction. Vehicles and trailers will be towed if they are in the way of the Contractor.


Please note that emergency services have been notified, in case of an emergency those vehicles will be able to access the residency.