Curb Repair and Asphalt Patching Project

Tentative Construction Schedule

Week of April 10th - Paint marking on sidewalks, curbs, and asphalt for repair/replacement.

Week of April 17th - Saw cutting of the marked areas

Week of May 8th - Removals


**Please use caution in these areas for your own safety and please be mindful of the construction workers.**


In 2023, multiple developments will have Contractors working on repairing/replacing concrete curbs and sidewalks as well as completing asphalt repairs. These areas include Sylvan Circle Area, Aspen Boulevard, Tallgrass, Brandon Industrial Park, and Corson Industrial Park. 

Construction Cost: $717,958.90.

Contractor: Big Al's Concrete 


This work is paid for out of the Street Maintenance Fund. 


Homeowners will be notified in advance of the construction work being completed by a door hanger placed on each home. This work is typically done in April/May. Please note that curb repairs, sidewalk repairs, asphalt patching, and cracking sealing may take place all summer.


All vehicles/trailers must be removed from the streets in these areas before 8:30 am during construction. Vehicles and trailers will be towed if they are in the way of the Contractor.


Please note that emergency services have been notified, in case of an emergency those vehicles will be able to access the residency.