Soccer Complex


The land that contains the soccer complex came as part of the donation from Dr. Bryson and Hazel McHardy.  Construction for the soccer complex started in 2008 and continued through 2009 including the four full sized fields, playground and restroom/concessions building.  Lights were later added to the two full sized fields furthest south while the north two fields were broken up into multiple smaller fields.  The soccer complex is a joint venture with the City and the Brandon Area Soccer Association (BASA). 



-          Approximately 25 acres

-          1 men’s and 1 women’s bathroom

-          1 concessions stand operated by BASA (Brandon Area Soccer Association) in partnership with the City of Brandon

-          1 drinking fountain

-          4 full sized soccer fields (some are broken down to many smaller fields), two with lights

-          East and west side parking



Located just south of McHardy Park, the Brandon Soccer Complex would not have happened without the Brandon Area Soccer Association.  With 11 soccer fields of varying sizes and a small practice area, the soccer complex is the place to go to work on your soccer skills!  Apart from weekday games during the spring and fall season, the Soccer Complex has hosted tournaments from young to adult.  It is also home for the high school JV teams during the school year.  If soccer’s not your thing there is a large playground with a fun rock climbing structure for the little kids.  With its location on the edge of town the wildlife viewing is pretty good as well; the park is frequented by deer, turkeys and bald eagles.  Come check this park out!