Sewer Rates


Sewer is not metered therefore, sewer rates are figured using a winter average.  We take the water usage on your November and December bills to figure out the sewer average for the next year*.  This average helps with watering lawns in the summer.  An example of this is below.  Sewer rates are then calculated by the rates below.  If you experience any leaks during November and December this may bring your sewer average up.  If you fix these leaks within one month and see your usage going down, give us a call to reevaluate your sewer average.  If you have any questions on what your average is or questions on your bill, please give us a call.  We are here to help explain your bill to you.  Call 605-582-6515 ext. 1.


For Example:  A resident used 3500 Gal of water in November and 4450 Gal of Water in December, we would calculate their winter average by taking (3500 + 4450)/2.  Their sewer average will be set at 3,975 Gal for ONE year.  Over the course of the year - IF resident uses LESS water, such as 3,000 Gal they will only be charged for 3,000 Gal of Sewer - IF resident uses MORE Water, such as 10,000 Gal they will only be charged for 3,975 Gal of Sewer.

*New homes and new homeowners are figured different until we can calculate their own winter average.  Explanation above is for residents living in a household during November and December.  



Resolution #33-23:

Effective January 2024 billing period, a minimum monthly base charge of $10.28 and an additional charge of $13.38 per thousand gallons or fraction thereof of water usage as shown on the water meter. A surcharge of $4.36 shall be added to each account for debt service payments on the State Revolving Loan for the Big Sioux Lift Station.