Property tax is one source of revenue that supports the day to day operations of your City.  The Minnehaha County Auditor’s Office collects all property taxes and then distributes the taxes to the appropriate entity.  The City receives about 20.86% of an owner-occupied residential property tax bill.  Property tax revenue is a general fund revenue supporting police, fire, streets, snow removal, parks, pool and more.  Property tax is one of the major sources of revenue for any city and without this we could not run your city. 

2023 Levy Payable in 2024 (owner occupied)

City of Brandon, Tax Levy of 2.977 per $1,000 valuation.
Minnehaha County, Tax Levy of 3.036 per $1,000 valuation.
Brandon Valley School District, Tax Levy of 7.854 per $1,000 valuation.

Fire Protection, Tax Levy of .120 per $1,000 valuation.

Library, Tax Levy of .261 per $1,000 valuation(supports the Brandon & SF City Libraries and allows Brandon Residents free use of any of the facilities).

Water District(EDWDD), Tax Levy of 0.021 per $1,000 valuation(The water district the county belongs to is East Dakota Water Development District. This district is assigned to them by the state and Minnehaha County and other counties in the area all pay the same rate to help support the district’s work at maintaining clean waterways in our area. Most of eastern SD is in a water district, though not every county is. There are several water districts in the state).


Taxes per $100,000.00 valuation for the City is $297.70, (20.86% of total).
Taxes per $100,000.00 valuation for the County is $303.60, (21.28% of total).
Taxes per $100,000.00 valuation for the School is $785.40, (55.04% of total).

Taxes per $100,000.00 valuation for the Fire is 12.00, (0.84% of total).

Taxes per $100,000.00 valuation for the Library is 26.10, (1.83% of total).

Taxes per $100,000.00 valuation for the Water District is 2.10, (0.15% of total).



Sales tax is important to the City and another major source of revenue.  This revenue source is not quite as consistent or predictable as property taxes.  Sales tax changes with the economy.  With every dollar you spend, two cents go to the City's General Fund.  Sales tax revenue is a key component in being able to improve your city.  Sales tax pays for debt, projects and equipment in the General Fund.  Shopping Local helps pay for projects.  The City encourages resident to challenge yourself to shop Brandon, as every dollar you spend helps improve Brandon.  To make sure your tax dollars are going to your City, Buy Brandon. 



Current State Sales Tax: 4.5% (SDCL Chapter 10-45, South Dakota Retail Sales and Service Tax)


Current City Sales Tax: 2% (City Ordinance Chapter 11-1)

       Municipal retail occupational sales and service tax upon the gross receipts of all persons engaged in the business within the jurisdiction of the city.


Current City Hospitality Gross Receipts Tax: 1% (City Ordinance Chapter 11-4)

       A municipal gross receipts tax upon the gross receipts of all leases or rentals of hotel, motel, campsites or other lodging accommodations within the                  municipality for periods of less that twenty-eight consecutive days; the sales of alcoholic beverages; establishments where the public is invited to eat, dine,        or purchase and carry out prepared food for immediate consumption, or ticket sales or admissions to place of amusement, athletic and cultural events, or          any combination thereof.


For more information, visit the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation web site at: